Buckets Snow HLA High Capacity

HLA  high capacity snow buckets, these are higher and built stronger than most buckets on the market.  Real nice snow buckets, Grill on the back allows operator to see cutting edge and corners of bucket. 3/16" wrap construction and 1/2" thick wear bars. 40" deep inside and 32" high. Optional replaceable and reversible 6" x 3/4" thick bolt-on cutting edge.  3/4" x 8" bolt on edges, serrated edges and poly edges also available.

78" Wide - $1,650.00  in stock
78" Wide - $1,950.00 c/w bolt-on cutting edge in stock
84" Wide - $1,830.00  in stock
84" Wide - $2,170.00 c/w bolt-on cutting edge  in stock

90" Wide - Call for price
90" Wide - Call for price c/w bolt-on cutting edge 

96" Wide - Call for price 
96" Wide - Call for price c/w bolt-on cutting edge  (96" Martatch buckets are currently in stock)  

108" Wide - $2,595.00  in stock
108" Wide - $2,995.00 c/w bolt-on cutting edge  in stock

Buy now as we have limited quantities at these low prices.

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