Snow Blower Pull Type

MK Martin Pull Type Snow Blowers

Connect to your tractors 3PH. The hitch facing design allows you to drive straight forward pulling the hitch instead of backing it into the snow. This means you no longer have to keep looking over your shoulder when blowing snow or drive into a cloud of blown snow. Since the blower follows the tractors path guiding it around objects is easy.

78" Wide $6,200.00 with Hydraulic Chute Rotation in stock

Other sizes and options available:
  • Hydraulic and manual chute rotators
  • Hydraulic chute deflectors
  • Back Drag ( manual or hydraulic)
  • Tivar contact surfaces
  • 60" to 97" widths available
  • Regular drive snow blowers are also available
  • See for specifications and other options
5 Year Limited Warranty on Gear Box  -  2 Year Limited Consumer Warranty  -  90 Day Limited Commercial Warranty including Gearboxes
Made in Canada

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Snow Blower Pull Type